South African Tax Guide (SATG) – Tax Consulting Cash Fees Structure 2021 (Including VAT )

South African Tax Guide (SATG) Cash Fees Structure 2021 (Including VAT )
No free services other than those listed as such
Free Services AMOUNT
Tax Newsletters Free
Taxation news (available on website) Free
Requests from students of a general nature Free
Taxation cases for students Free
Taxation notes Free
Taxation Updates (available on website) Free
Taxation Tables Free
Budget commentaries Free
Tax Research Clinic e-Library Free
Tax Calculator (provided courtesy of Sage Pastel Payroll) Free
Individual Tax Services
We provide the following individual tax services Amount
General tax consultations R350.00 /hour
Completion and submission of annual personal income tax returns (IT12) (1 IRP5 with no medical aid) R750.00
Completion and submission of annual personal income tax returns (IT12) – more than one IRP5 Per Quotation
Registration for income tax and provisional tax R800.00
Provisional tax returns completion and submission (IRP6) – Nil Returns R650.00
Provisional tax returns completion and submission (IRP6) R800.00
Tax advice and planning (incl. Capital Gains Tax) R350.00/hour
Liaise with SARS regarding queries (incl. objections to assessments) Per Quotation
Personal Income Tax planning Per Quotation
Residence-based taxation issues Per Quotation
Estate planning Per Quotation
Capital Gains Tax R350.00/hour
Checking income tax assessments R350.00/hour
Dealing with SARS queries Per Quotation
Tax clearence certificates Per Quotation
Employees Tax (for companies) Amount
We advise on improvement of PAYE management processes by identifying cost saving and planning opportunities. We help clients with:
Registration as an employer for Employees Tax Per Quotation
Advice on the duties of an employer in relation to SARS R350.00/hour
Remuneration structuring R400.00/hour
Compliance testing tools and audits Per Quotation
Applications for tax directives Per Quotation
Objections and appeal Per Quotation
Indirect Tax
(Rates will be calculated per clients’ needs) Amount/Hour
We have a dedicated tax team that specialize in advising clients on a wide range of indirect taxes regarding all aspects of these taxes including compliance and reporting, dispute resolution and tax planning and implementation. Per Quotation
We work with our clients to develop indirect tax strategies that align with their business strategies and we help clients structure governance around the indirect tax function. Other services offered include: Per Quotation
Tax opinions R350.00/hour
Indirect tax compliance reviews R300.00/hour
Import / export views R300.00/hour
VAT automation R300.00/hour
VAT cash management reviews R300.00/hour
VAT restructuring R300.00/hour
Year-end computation and tax return preparation R300.00/hour
Tax Consulting
(Rates will be calculated per clients’ needs)
Our tax specialists are experienced in advising clients on the tax consequences of their arrangements, in comprehensive tax planning and the implementation of the plan. Among other things, we advise clients on the following:
Business disposals Per Quotation
Business valuations Per Quotation
Depreciation allowances Per Quotation
Disposal of businesses Per Quotation
Group restructuring Per Quotation
Mergers and acquisitions Per Quotation
Dividends tax Per Quotation
Share incentive schemes Per Quotation
Shareholder and owner issues Per Quotation
Commercial properties transactions Per Quotation
Dividend tax Per Quotation
Transfer pricing Per Quotation
Other tax issues
Other Tax Services Amount
Confirmation of earnings letters R350.00/hour
Updating of details with SARS R350.00/hour
Other correspondencies R350.00/hour
Tax directives R350.00/hour
Deregistration for taxes R350.00/hour

NB: Request a quotation for tax services not listed above.

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