South Africa Budget 2016/17

Budget 2016 finalBudget 2016/17 Downloads:


National Budget Review

Full Review: Single Document (8,142kb)
Full Review: separate Documents (8,024kb)
Foreword and Table of Contents (1,762kb)
Chapter 1 – A resilient South Africa making hard choices in difficult times (449kb)
Chapter 2 – Economic Overview (481kb)
Chapter 3 – Fiscal policy (420kb)
Chapter 4 – Revenue trends and tax proposals (458kb)
Chapter 5 – Consolidated spending plans (306kb)
Chapter 6 – Division of revenue and spending by provinces and municipalities (416kb)
Chapter 7 – Government debt and contingent liabilities (440kb)
Chapter 8 – Financial position of public-sector institutions (356kb)
Annexure A – Report of the Minister of Finance to Parliament (303kb)
Annexure B – Public-sector infrastructure update (400kb)
Annexure C – Additional tax policy and administrative adjustments (616kb)
Annexure D – Financial sector regulatory reform (227kb)
Annexure E – Summary of Budget (180kb)
Glossary (322kb)
Statistical Tables (612kb)
Annexure W1 – Explanatory memorandum to the division of revenue (752kb)
Annexure W2 – Structure of the government accounts (244kb)
Budget Review Tables in Excel format