SARS – Small business amnesty letters

SARS is in the process of issuing letters to taxpayers whose applications for Small business amnesty has been denied.

Local branch offices are however not be able to assist with queries related to the denial letters, taxpayers are therefore requested to make contact via the following channels:
Postal address: Private Bag X15, Alberton, 1450
Contact Centre Tel: 0800 00 SARS (7277)

The expected turnaround times is 48 hours.

Should the taxpayer be unsatisfied with the outcome an official objection; i.e. in particular when they do not agree with the reason for the denial as indicated in the SBA denial letter. Taxpayers would need to complete an ADR 1 form within 30 days as from the date of the amnesty denial letter. The form is available on the SARS website or the taxpayers nearest SARS branch. The objection must be addressed to the Small Business Tax Objections Administrator at the above-mentioned address.

It should be emphasized that the new electronic Notice of Objection (NOO) must not be used for an amnesty related objection.