Our business engagement process model Our pledge to our clients


1. Understand your business
  • What you do services/products
  • Financial and taxation position
  • Business model
  • Objectives
2. Understand you
  • Your financial and taxation position
  • Personal goals
  • Financial requirements
3. Understand your numbers
  • Actual financial and taxation position
  • How your business functions according to the numbers


4. Feedback/Insights
  • Match the numbers to your business objectives and personal goals
  • Highlight opportunities
  • Analyze obstacles
5. Open Dialogue
  • An open forum to discuss ideas for the future numbers
  • A director will be available all the time to attend to your issues

Strategy & Plan

6. Outline the future
  • Agree the business model
  • Agree your business objectives
  • Agree your personal goals
  • Agree the journey
  • Detailed tax opinions
  • Detailed recommendations
7. Implementation plan
  • Short term requirements
  • Long term plan
  • Clear timelines
  • Budget financial commitments
  • Match our services to meet the requirements of the plans


8. Practical implementation
  • Internal management
  • Internal controls
  • Clear lines of communication
  • Execute compliance work
  • Planned support
  • Reactive support
  • Review progress to stay on track

Ongoing Support

9. Planned ongoing support
  • Direct and regular access to one main point of contact
  • Practical day to day advice
  • Regular reviews against your business objectives
  • Forward planning with a focus on risk and tax mitigation