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About the Managing Director, Nyasha Musviba - BAP(SA), GTP(SA) (MCom Taxation, LLB, PostGradDip in Taxation, PostGradDip in Legal Practice, ACCA, HND in Accountancy) - The Tax-Guider.

Professional Accreditation & Memberships:

  • Business Accountant in Practice - Southern African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA).
  • General Tax Practitioner - South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT).
  • Registered Tax Practitioner - South African Revenue Services (SARS).

I am Nyasha Musviba, a registered tax practitioner based in Cape Town. After going through a rigorous, interesting and challenging taxation training, I had always hoped to help in demystifying taxation issues. I also offer tax advice to, big companies, international companies, SME and individuals.

I am passionate about taxation. I love to be on top of tax issues and enjoy solving the complex tax problems I encounter with clients. Ask me what I love most and I will tell you that I am thrilled to find a great solution to a tax problem – to me, it is like a puzzle I tackle with fervor. My passion emerges in answering tax questions, writing blogs, education presentations, ebooks and general engagement online.

I also interact with SARS on behalf of clients in the following areas:

  • Completion of all types of tax returns for members / close corporations / private companies
  • Checking of tax assessments and where necessary, compiling and lodgement of objections with appropriate legal grounds therefore as provided by the Tax Act
  • Advice on tax legislation, interpretation and resulting implications for the client
  • Registration as employers for close corporations / private companies / proprietors
  • Reconciliation of EMP 501 and drawing up of tax certificates with lodgement to SARS
  • Completion of all statutory returns for SARS
  • VAT registrations
  • Employee Taxes (PAYE, UIF and SDL) registrations

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Publication date July 01, 2019 SAIT TaxTalk magazine.

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SAIT publishes the Tax Return Guide magazine every year, Nyasha Musviba writes an article about “The biggest ITR12 fails”.

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Four reasons you may be holding back on filing your tax returns

Publication date Nov 14, 2019 Business Live.

Most taxpayers fall into one of two groups: those who fill in their returns quickly to get a refund; and those who wait until the last minute.

If you are one of the last-minute filers, you may be wondering why you wait until the deadline now less than a month away on December 4 for most taxpayers.

If any of these reasons for procrastinating resonate with you, consider the following:

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Tax Cases of interest – Partnership with LexisNexis

Publication date Aug 01, 2019 LexisNexis.

LexisNexis is passionate about bringing you quality case law, thats why weve partnered with Nyasha Musviba (founder of the South African Tax Guide) to scour our database and handpick a selection of the most topical and noteworthy tax cases of the last few years for you.

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Millions of taxpayers yet to file their tax returns

Publication date Nov 16, 2017 Sowetan Live

publication description An estimated two million taxpayers still needed to file their tax returns at the beginning of November. There is now just over a week before the deadline and if you are one of those who have left it to the last minute, it is time to focus on getting it in on time.

If you are a taxpayer, but not a provisional taxpayer, you need to submit a return on e-filing by November 24.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not to file – penalties for not submitting a return are now between R250 and R16000 for each month your return is outstanding, depending on your income.

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TAXtalk – Fatal mistakes for small businesses

Publication date Nov 1, 2017 – SAIT Tax Talk (Journal article available on Sabinet)

publication description Small business owners have a special relationship with tax. On the one hand, a lot has been done to give small businesses preferential treatment, including reduced tax rates, immediate write-offs for equipment used in the business and special treatment when it comes to depreciation and wear-and-tear allowances. Efforts have also been made to simplify the tax concession available to them.

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TAXtalk – The 7 biggest ITR12 fails – common ITR12 issues

Publication date Aug 1, 2017, and 2018 – Sabinet (SAIT Tax Talk)

publication description As challenging as filing your tax return can be, be sure to take the time to avoid the typical recurring mistakes. Check your tax return against this list of the seven most common errors.

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Turnover tax harms SMEs

Publication date Oct 5, 2016 IOL Business Report

publication description Pretoria – A turnover tax regime that is simply unhelpful and a harsh documentary proof system is at odds with government’s stated intention to assist micro and small businesses.

Tax practitioners and small business advisors have asked for an increase in the R1 million threshold for the turnover tax and a lesser onus of documentary prove on micro businesses to aid tax compliance.

Nyasha Musviba, tax consultant at SA Tax Guide, says the threshold of R1 million in today’s terms is unrealistic. A small contractor lands one big contract in the year he registered for turnover tax and he is pushed out of the system.

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Grant Thornton IBR research also reveals South Africas golden goose still being taxed too heavily

Publication date Apr 3, 2014 – South African Institute of Tax Professionals

publication description New research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that 64% of South African business leaders would welcome more global co-operation and guidance from tax authorities on what is acceptable and unacceptable tax planning, even if this provided less opportunity to reduce tax liabilities across borders.

This figure is in line with BRIC business leader responses (68%) while globally 53% of executives surveyed would also welcome greater global co-operation.

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Hello HOA, Goodbye VAT

Publication date Jun 11, 2016 – Opportunity Property Management

publication description Not only is HOA-related legislation becoming more defined with every new lawsuit, but now all South Africa Homeowners Associations can finally be seen as less corporate and more residential as they must now deregister for Value-Added Tax (VAT). This is as result of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) now stating that the supply of services by an HOA to its members is not a business enterprise.

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The Negative Impact of e-commerce VAT on Education

Publication date Sep 27, 2013 – TaxTalkMagazine

publication description Educational institutions making exempt supplies will likely be negatively impacted with the impending introduction of VAT on e-commerce transactions in South Africa with effect from 1 April 2014.

One could even go as far to say that educational institutions had it good under the reverse charge mechanism (also referred to as VAT on imported services) as there was arguably no VAT leakage when dealing with foreign suppliers of certain e-c ommerce services.

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When not to use a tax-free account

Financial planners can think of very few reasons why not to invest in tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs). The benefits are clear.

Nyasha Musviba, founder of SA Tax Guide, says there must be a purpose for using a TFSA. There is little benefit in using the account as a normal transactional account.

If you are investing an amount in a tax-free savings account, but you withdraw it the same year, there is no real benefit. You are using your allowance; however, you are not getting the tax-free benefit, since the tax benefit is on the growth of the savings, he remarks.

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Presented on various tax seminars, among them, SAIT Tax Indaba, SAIT Tax Student Seminars, money laundering seminars,

Anti-Money Laundering Conference is finally here! Putting a stop to financial corruption and illicit money transactions

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