Budget 2014: Taxed for your sins

rp_Budget-2014-News1-150x150.jpgCape Town Consumers still trying to enjoy a few small pleasures in life would have to dig a bit deeper into their pockets once again.

Excise duties on alcoholic beverages (especially beer, sparkling wine and spirits) will increase by between 6.2% and 12%.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, did, however, think it in order not to increase the excise duty on traditional African beer or beer powder.

Consumers who like to take a smoke break, will have to cough up 68 cents per packet of 20 cigarettes more from now on, while those enjoying the luxury of a cigar will pay R5.11 more per 23g.

The excise duty on cigarette tobacco is being increased by 87 cents per 50g and that of pipe tobacco by 9 cents per 25g.


As for drinks, the excise duty on malt beer is increased by 9 cents per 340ml can, unfortified wine by 13 cents per 750ml bottle and fortified wine by 27 cents per 750ml bottle.

Those who want to say cheers will have to pay 62 cents more per 750ml bottle of sparkling wine.

Ciders and alcoholic fruit beverages are going up by 9 cents per 330ml bottle, while spirits will be R4.76 more per 750ml bottle.