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These Taxation Notes had been prepared for students who are doing Advanced Taxation Modules for professional bodies as well as for Honours and Master Degrees levels. The rationale is to provide students with reliable content that helps them to grasp the core concepts of taxation. The notes have been prepared on the knowledge that Advanced Taxation studies aim to equip students and tax practitioners with relevant knowledge and skills that will make them able to make sound judgements when they provide advice to individuals and businesses on the impact of the major taxes on financial decisions and situations.

The initial content of the notes have been prepared using ACCA Advanced Taxation (P6) South Africa syllabus. This site is still being updated therefore we can refer to it as ACCA Advanced Taxation (P6) Notes for South African Students. Your comments and contributions are most welcome as we together as we demystify taxation.

Tax Cash Fees for 2015   Tax Cash Fees for 2015

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BEL 300 Taxation Notes for University of Pretoria are now available, Click Here to go to the page with notes. Alternatively follow this link

1b) The Scope of South Africa Income Tax in relation to:

The Concept of Residence and Ordinary residence and its relevance to income tax
Income received by or accrued to a non-residents from a source within South Africa
The Income tax treatment of overseas income
Application of OECD Model Double Tax Treaty to given situations
Explanation of anti-avoidance regulations
Double taxation relief available to individuals

1c) Income from employment

Tax treatment of share option and share incentive schemes
Tax treatment of lump sum receipts
Overseas aspects of income from employment, including travelling and subsistence expenses
Tax treatment of labour brokers
Tax treatment of personal service companies
Tax treatment of trusts

1d) Income from independent trades

Recognition of the tax treatment of overseas business travelling expenses
Evaluation of the tax treatment of research and development
Relief available on the transfer of a business to a company
Taxation of farming income

1e) Property and investment income

Tax implications of pre-owned assets
Tax implication of jointly held assets
Income from trusts – taxation of the founder, the trust and the trust beneficiaries.

1f) Taxability of the income of minor children

1g) The use of exemptions and reliefs in deferring and minimising income tax liabilities.

folderpicChapter 2 – Company tax liabilities in different situations

folderpicChapter 3 – Capital Gains Tax

folderpicChapter 4 – Estate duty

folderpicChapter 5 – Transfer Duty

folderpicChapter 6 – Value Added Tax and Tax Administration

folderpicChapter 7 – Donations Tax

folderpicChapter 8 – Trusts

folderpicChapter 9 – Dividends Tax & STC

folderpicChapter 10 – Farming

folderpicChapter 11 – Assessed Losses

folderpicChapter 12 – Tax Avoidance

folderpicChapter 13 – Fringe Benefits

folderpicChapter 14 – Turnover Tax

folderpicChapter 15 – Recreational & PBO

folderpicChapter 16 – Estate Planning

folderpicChapter 17 – International Taxation