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About Nyasha Musviba - The Tax-Guider
I am Nyasha Musviba, a registered tax practitioner based in Cape Town. After going through a rigorous, interesting and challenging taxation training, I had always hoped to help in demystifying taxation issues. I also offer tax advice to SME and individuals.

I am passionate about taxation. I love to be on top of tax issues and enjoy solving the complex tax problems I encounter with clients. Ask me what I love most and I will tell you that I am thrilled to find a great solution to a tax problem – to me, it is like a puzzle I tackle with fervor. My passion emerges in answering tax questions, writing blogs, education presentations, ebooks and general engagement online.

I also interact with SARS on behalf of clients in the following areas:
•  Completion of all types of tax returns for members / close corporations / private companies
•  Checking of tax assessments and where necessary, compiling and lodgement of objections with appropriate legal grounds therefore as provided by the Tax Act
•  Advice on tax legislation, interpretation and resulting implications for the client
•  Registration as employers for close corporations / private companies / proprietors
•  Reconciliation of EMP 501 and drawing up of tax certificates with lodgement to SARS
•  Completion of all statutory returns for SARS

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